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Shake your skills #2

Shake your Skills #2

Shake your skills is a cross-border collaboration on artistic research, development and exchange between artists, among themselves, and organisations. Collective work is done on the questions, difficulties and insets from the six different projects the artists are working on – focusing on a non-hierarchical transfer of knowledge, exchange of experience, practice and development of artistic […]

Shake your Skills (capsule 1)

A project by Happynest/Superamas, detheatermaker, Next and arts centre BUDA. With participation of: Anna Ten, Compagnie Paradoxos, La Lune Qui Gronde, Mooni van Tichelt, Rachid Laachir, Marie Schraepen and Sophia Bauer. Through two different calls, Superamas/Happynest – in the North of France – and BUDA with detheatermaker – in Flanders – each select three young […]

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