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Anne at 13.000 Ft

CN 2019, 1h15
Direction: Kazik Radwanski
English spoken, no subtitles

Canada’s Anne at 13,000 ft drops you right in the middle of the emotionally fragile title character’s life. We do not learn much about Anne’s past, but her mother’s concern speaks volumes when she notices that her daughter seems to be going off the rails. Anne cannot cope with the various stress factors in her life. A stressful work environment in a crèche, struggles with colleagues who doubt her professionalism and early love affairs lead to inappropriate behaviour. After a first experience of skydiving during her best friend’s bachelor party, Anne finds a new passion and much-needed outlet. Yet her hunger for the thrill of jumping and the freedom she feels in the air seems incompatible with her life on the ground.

Anne at 13,000 ft is an intense portrayal of mood swings and the overwhelming impact everyday life can have on human fragility.

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  • Anne at 13 000 FT
  • Anne at 13 000 FT
  • Anne at 13 000 FT

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