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Argentina, 1985

AR/UK/US 2022, 2u20
Director: Santiago Mitre
Biography, crime, drama
Spanish spoken, Dutch subtitles

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Argentina 1985

In 1985, prosecutors Julio Strassera and Luis Moreno Ocampo open an investigation into Argentina’s bloodiest military dictatorship. More than six months after it came to an end, a democratically elected government is half-heartedly trying to face the past. In trying the many crimes of the military junta, which was in power for seven years, no one seems to have any appetite. Some ministers are even trying to place the blame on the victims
. Director Santiago Mitre, who has often made his country’s recent history his subject, presents a convincing portrait of the era, sometimes supplemented by archive footage from the 1980s. Quietly, he builds a thriller-like atmosphere, with the courtroom scenes being the icing on the cake.

We end the Spanish film week with a drink!

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