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Werkplek in Kortrijk


BE 2023, 1u10
Regie: Tom Van Gestel
Nederlands gesproken


In a twist on the European legend in which church bells fly to Rome to pick up chocolate eggs for children, little bell Bim undertakes a dangerous journey with his friends. They must search for a special egg needed to end the winter. Along the way, they meet lots of other wonderful bells, and Bim discovers the power of his talents. Who would have thought that Easter bells could be so cute? The unpredictable story is seasoned with a good dose of humour and a touch of absurdity. You will forever look at your Easter eggs with different eyes.

The visuals in this Easter adventure are a unique combination of live action and animation. The backgrounds through which the clocks fly were filmed with drones, allowing viewers to discover Europe from a different perspective. You float along, as it were, over the lifelike villages, towns, forests, lakes, meadows and mountains.

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