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Blackbird Blackbird Blackberry

GE/CH 2023, 1h50
Director: Elene Naveriani
Georgian spoken, Dutch and French subtitles
Mogelijk schadelijk tot 16 jaar Sex Drugs en/of Alcohol

A near-death experience causes a radical breakup and the sexual awakening of the Etero. By refusing to settle for traditional family structures and resolutely choosing her own freedom, Etero defies the social norms of her environment. An approach to the married courier Murman unleashes a charming and eccentric love story. A portrait of an older woman and her place in society with integrity that does a good job of sensing the subtle nuances of tradition and modernity in contemporary Georgia.

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  • Blackbird Blackbird Blackberry
“Blackbird Blackbird Blackberry looks like a Wes Anderson-designed romcom.” — De Standaard

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