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De Avonturen van Pil (6+)

FR 2021, 1h30
Direction: Julien Fournet
Animation, adventure
Dutch spoken

Mogelijk schadelijk tot 6 jaar Geweld Angst

In the streets of the medieval town of Nevelburg lives Pil, a young orphan girl with her three tame weasels. To survive, they steal food from the castle of the evil commander Tristan, who has usurped the throne. One day, she disguises herself as a princess to escape the castle guards. That is the beginning of a crazy adventure to save Roland, the true heir to the throne, who was bewitched and transformed into a ‘chicken cat’ (half chicken, half cat).
Pil thus turns the kingdom upside down and along the way finds the family she never had.

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  • De Avonturen van Pil
  • De Avonturen van Pil
  • De Avonturen van Pil

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