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El ángel exterminador

MEX 1962, 1h35
Director: Luis Buñuel
Drama, fantasy
Spanish spoken, English subtitles
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El ángel exterminador

The story of El ángel exterminador is at once simple and absurd. The aristocrat Nobile invites some friends to dinner at his decadent villa. At the start of dinner, the waiters feel the inexplicable urge to leave the building. Only butler Julio remains to serve the guests. The dinner will be a success after all. The guests are exhausted after the feast, so they all sleep in the living room. The next morning they want to leave, but for some inexplicable reason they cannot leave the room. Not because they are locked up, but because they do not find the courage and mental strength. Over time, the masks fall off and they turn into everything they despise: greedy and primitive creatures focused only on their own self-interest. Luis Buñuel, the master of surrealism, continues to surprise with his satirical indictment of the wealthy class.

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