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KR 2022, 2h10
Direction: Lee Jung-jae
Action, drama, mystery
Korean spoken, Dutch and French subtitles

Mogelijk schadelijk tot 16 jaar Geweld Grof taalgebruik

This South Korean mainstream film with surprising depth is the type of film that deserves a large audience. The over-the-top espionage thriller revolves around dark political conspiracies in 1980s South Korea. The director himself plays the lead role, as a member of the intelligence service who is on the trail of a mole as well as having to foil an assassination attempt on the new president. This results in an explosive and violent thriller with fantastic action scenes. Think a combination of the spectacle of John Woo, with the paranoia of Johnnie To and the better films of Oliver Stone.

Korean superstar Lee Jung-jae immediately won the Camera D’or at Cannes for his directorial debut.

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