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Ich Bin Dein Mensch

DE 2021, 1h42
Directions: Maria Schrader
Comedy, Romance
German spoken, Dutch and French subtitled
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What is it like to live for three weeks with a robot that was developed to make you happy? That is what Alma, a German woman who only agreed to the strange experiment in order to raise extra funds for her own scientific research, is looking into. The sceptical woman is lumbered with Tom (Dan Stevens), an android who knows what women want. That is: hearing quotes from Rainer Maria Rilke, dancing the rumba and having a rose bath by candlelight. “93% of German women love it,” the romantic prototype assures her. Alma, however, finely points out to him that she may be among the seven per cent.

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  • Ich bin dein mensch
  • Ich bin dein mensch
  • Ich bin dein mensch
“The strongly acted, cleverly written 'Ich bin dein Mensch' sheds new light not only on the robot genre, but also on the romantic film - an impressive double act.” — De Volkskrant
“” — Humo
“” — De Standaard

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