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Il Buco

IT/FR 2021, 1h33
Directions: Michelangelo Frammartino
no dialogues
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In his third feature film, Frammartino charts the second deepest cave in the world. It is a reconstruction of a real expedition that took place in Italy in 1961, this time with a camera crew. Thus, this sublime film emphasises the unbreakable bond between the arts and nature.

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  • Il Buco
  • Il Buco
“What 'Il buco' does in a wonderful way is to fill this cave with value and meaning again. It has become a place for reflection and projection. Frammartino's film thus goes one step further than Herzog's, for nature has become art here. This particular film gem is a humble reflection of that.” — De Filmkrant
“” — De Volkskrant
“” — De Standaard
“” — De Morgen

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