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BE/FR 2022, 1h38
Direction: Fabrice du Welz
French spoken, Dutch subtitles
Mogelijk schadelijk tot 16 jaar Geweld Angst Grof taalgebruik

Marcel Bellmer (Benoît Poelvoorde) has been struggling with a gigantic writer’s block since his first successful novel Inexorable. It is only when his father-in-law dies and leaves him, his wife and editor Jeanne Drahi, their daughter and their dog a mysterious house where they will live with their family that the depressed author seems to revive. But when maid Gloria turns up, things happen that inexorably expose the small edges of life and call into question Marcel’s long marriage, the romantic image of literary genius and Belgium’s fascist history. (Film Fest Gent)

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  • Inexorable
  • Inexorable
  • Inexorable
“Ever since his debut film Calvaire (2004), Du Welz has proved that he is a master of the finer points of the horror genre: no one makes the Ardennes into such a terrifying place as Frabrice Du Welz.” — De Morgen

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