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Inland Empire

US 2006, 3h00
Director: David Lynch
Drama, fantasy, mystery
English spoken, no subtitles


Hollywood actress Nikki Grace (Laura Dern) was once a big star, but the roles are not up for grabs these days. She is therefore very happy to have a new acting job. But the film turns out to be cursed and Nikki increasingly loses herself in her character. The nearly three-hour film is also populated by Polish prostitutes and people in bunny suits.

With Inland Empire, Lynch was more interested in an exploration of the subconscious than a clear storyline. It makes Inland Empire as fascinating and unfathomable as his formidable debut film Eraserhead.

Introduction by ELDERS collectively and Sven Hollebeke.
As part of CORRIDOR, Elders, together with arts centre BUDA, is organising a screening of the newly released 4K restoration of ‘Inland Empire’, David Lynch’s alienating masterpiece. Reality and fiction, past and future intertwine in this four-dimensional puzzle in which a Hollywood actress gets lost in her subconscious and the film sets via the script she is interpreting. This film was shot with a digital camera, completely independently produced and originally released in 2006 which makes the cinematic experience of this new restoration extra worthwhile.

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  • Inland Empire
“Vergeet plot, en vergeet chronologie. Lynch pakt zijn onderwerp vanuit allerlei hoeken en tijden tegelijk vast. Dat zijn de scènes die we te zien krijgen. Maar de beelden blijven slechts benaderingen: de werkelijkheid ontglipt. Dat moet ook wel want Lynch begon zonder plot te draaien omdat hij benieuwd was of uit alle fragmenten een groter verband naar boven zou komen. Het fascinerende aan Inland Empire is, dat dit inderdaad gebeurt. ” — De Filmkrant

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