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J’aime la vie

BE 2023, 1h40
Director: Mathias Sercu
Dutch spoken, French subtitles
Mogelijk schadelijk tot 9 jaar Angst Grof taalgebruik

Mira (Janne Desmet) is a young single mother, always positive and brimming with energy. She has a fine job as a home nurse, close friends and a good relationship with her youngest brother. But then she gets news than hits like a bomb. Mira decides to reconnect with her eldest brother in an attempt to reunite the family that was never really one. And so this not-quite-ordinary, and to say the least, colourful family heads to the Ardennes for a weekend. Mira faces a challenge to strengthen family ties. J’aime la vie is a film about bonding and letting go, and about love, lots of love.

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