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La Fracture

FR 2021, 1h38
Director: Catherine Corsini
Drama, comedy
French spoken, English subtitles

Mogelijk schadelijk tot 9 jaar Angst Grof taalgebruik

Raf and Julie, two women on the verge of a relationship breakup, end up in the emergency room of a Paris hospital after an accident. The overcrowded and understaffed hospital comes under even more fire when a Yellow Shirt demonstration erupts into violence and injured protesters pour in. The “bourgeois” Raf, with elbow fracture, clashes with Yann, a truck driver who was hit in the leg by shrapnel during the protest march. Throughout the night, the protests grew closer with fierce fighting between the Gilets jaunes and riot police. Until the tear gas even penetrates the waiting room.

La Fracture succeeds in immersing the viewer in the frenzy of a night in the emergency room in a torn country. Choreographed to perfection, laced with black humor and accompanied by a barrage of dialogue, we witness the impact of a broken system.

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