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Past Lives

US/KR 2023, 1h45
Director: Celine Song
Drama, romance
English and Korean spoken, Dutch and French subtitles
Mogelijk schadelijk tot 12 jaar Drugs en/of Alcohol Grof taalgebruik

Nora and Hae-sung, two Korean children, are two hands on deck. Their future lies with each other, it seems. Until Nora emigrates to Toronto with her parents and later pursues her creative dream in New York. More than two decades after their parting in South Korea, the pair are reunited in the Big Apple, only now Nora is married to Arthur, a gentle and understanding American writer. Nora thrives, fuelled by the fire of love and life. Hae-sung muddles along, far away from literary ambitions of his childhood sweetheart. At their reunion, they muse together on the “what if?”, the lost but also the won opportunities. (Film Fest Gent)

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