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Pieter Konijn 2: Stad op Stelten

US/AU 2021, 1h33
Direction: Will Gluck
Adventure, animation
Dutch spoken

Mogelijk schadelijk tot 6 jaar Geweld

Our sweet rascal is back. Bea, Thomas and the bunnies have made peace as a family, but despite his best efforts, Pieter cannot seem to shake off his mischievous reputation. When he moves out of the garden, Pieter soon finds himself in the rough neighbourhoods of the city where his mischief is much appreciated. But when his fluffy family is put in danger, Pieter has to figure out what kind of bunny he wants to be.

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  • Piet Konijn 2: Stad op stelten
  • Piet Konijn 2: Stad op stelten

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