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Plan 75

JP 2022, 1h53
Director: Chie Hayakawa
Drama, sci-fi
Japanese spoken, Dutch and French subtitled
Mogelijk schadelijk tot 12 jaar Discriminatie

Due to the country’s extreme ageing population, the Japanese government’s ‘Plan 75’ programme encourages seniors to have euthanasia. With the plan, the government is offering a comfortable last chapter of life with personal guidance towards the end point. The elderly Michi, pragmatic Plan 75 salesman Hiromu and Filipino caregiver Maria are each faced with the choice between life and death in their own way.

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“In a future so near that you can hardly see any distinction from today, Japan is taking drastic measures against ageing. Chie Hayakawa makes inhumanity personal.” — De Standaard
“Director Chie Hayakawa, in 'Plan 75', employs the social realist style of her compatriot Kore-Eda” — Humo

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