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Werkplek in Kortrijk


MEX 2023, 2h05
Director: Christopher Zalla
Spanish spoken, Dutch and French subtitles
Tags: #

Sergio Juárez intentionally sought a job at José Urbina López Elementary School. The school is located in a Mexican city where poverty, violence and drugs are the norm. Sergio has a mission. With a touch of rebelliousness, the charismatic teacher introduces his students to the magic of learning. As he implements his own teaching methods, curiosity awakens in the children. Naturally, Sergio’s unorthodox approach also provokes resistance from his conservative colleagues, but director Chucho lets him. Meanwhile, smart Paloma shows she has more up her sleeve than her pessimistic father thinks. Another student must decide whether to continue getting ready for the drug trade or choose to pursue his studies. Based on a true story.

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