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HU 1994, 7h19
Director: Béla Tarr
Hungarian spoken
Mogelijk schadelijk tot 12 jaar Geweld Angst Drugs en/of Alcohol Grof taalgebruik

After the fall of communism and with a herd of cows slogging through the mud, a farming collective hatches nefarious plans to take off with the last of the money. But hopelessness paralyses the residents into cycles of dancing, drinking and waiting. Until Irimias, a village fellow believed dead, returns from nowhere with grand plans. Irimias, however, is no longer the jovial neighbour the residents used to know.
The film clocks in at 7 hours and 19 minutes. That seems huge, but what you get in return is huge. A film that makes you feel time, a visual symphony in black and white splendour. Wonderful shots, the unsavoury Hungarian weather has never been portrayed so beautifully, so stylised. A must-see and true cinema. A marathon you will never forget.

*For this film we charge 2 turns of the 10-turn card.

PART 1 | 10h30 – 12h37
Pause until 13h00
PART 2 | 13h00 – 15h04
Pause until 15h30
PART 3 | 15h30 – 18h30

We welcome you from 10:00 with coffee. During the breaks, the bar will be open and there will be sandwiches.

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