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The Belgian Soundtrack

BE 2023, 1u30
Robin Broos & Tom 'pélé' Peeters
Dutch spoken


Did Ennio Morricone ever work in Belgium?
What was Herman Van Veen doing in a Flemish sex film?
How did a praline maker/gynaecologist/musician also become a filmmaker?
Which Belgian almost got to write the music for The Mission?
And what do The Hunger Games, Jurassic Park and The Whale have in common?

Film history is full of surprising stories, if you dig long enough. Robin Broos (film journalist, author and presenter of The Original Soundtrack on Klara) and Tom ‘Pélé’ Peeters (musician/composer/Ennio Morricone connoisseur) delve into Belgian film history in search of musical gems, striking curiosities and punishing stories.
Their account is a show full of fun facts, pithy anecdotes, musical comparisons, surprising mash-ups and heaps of clips. An evening for those who love film, music or the combination of both.

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  • The Belgian Soundtrack

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