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The Miracle of Almería

BE/NL/CH 2023, 1h30
A movie by Cassette for timescapes (collective work)
Spanish, Arabic, French, Dutch, Bambara spoken, Dutch subtitles
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The Miracle of Almería

In southern Spain lies Almería, a huge province covered by white plastic. In 50 years, this region managed to grow from an arid desert into the largest vegetable garden in Europe. It is where our tomatoes come from, even in winter. But underneath all that plastic, strange things are happening…. Spanish farmers dip far below their prices to stay in the race. 120,000 migrants work under slavish conditions in the greenhouses. And today the vegetable garden inevitably moves to Morocco. Here, people from the region show the blind spots of the capitalist system. Each from their own perspective, they present film scenes depicting a recent or less recent memory. Using their storytelling and imagination, we discover the underlying economic, political and social dynamics. And its explosive effects on society.

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  • The Miracle of Almería
  • The Miracle of Almería

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