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The Virgin Suicides

US 1999, 1h40
Director: Sofia Coppola
Drama, romance
English spoken, Dutch and French subtitles
The Virgin Suicides

In a quiet and conservative town in 1970s America live the handsome but mysterious Lisbon sisters. When one of the girls takes her own life, she turns the whole family’s life upside down with this dramatic act. More and more, the family closes itself off from the outside world, until the girls are not even allowed to leave the house. As their neighbourhood boys make a last-ditch effort to rescue the girls from isolation, the situation escalates completely. Twenty-five years later, the boys have still not forgotten the Lisbon sisters. Their fascination continues. They are still trying to reconstruct the enigmatic story behind the suicides through diary extracts and letters.

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  • The Virgin Suicides
  • The Virgin Suicides

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