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Writing competition on climate racism

Novice writers beware! Do you agree that too little attention has been paid to the link between the climate crisis and structural racism? After all, racism and the ecological crisis share a common cause: a (neo)colonial capitalist system that exploits both people and the planet for profit, or as Jamaican-British activist Mikaela Loach writes: “Climate justice shows us that addressing the climate crisis can liberate us all.”

Oikos and Kif Kif are organising a writing competition on the theme of climate racism. So do you have an idea for a blazing opinion piece, or would you rather express your thoughts in a poem or short story? Then submit your text before 18 August! On 28 September, the winners will be announced at the Ecopolis festival in Kortrijk. They will receive a cash prize of 250 euro. The three winning texts will also be published in Oikos magazine and on the Kif Kif platform.

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