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Workspace in Kortrijk

About BUDA

Arts centre BUDA is an arthouse cinema, a space for performing arts and a workspace for contemporary performing artists. Learning together runs as a common thread through our operation.


BUDA is an arthouse cinema with daily programming of quality films. In addition to a lot of new releases, there are also numerous special series and specials.


The performances that are (partly) made at the BUDA arts center are to be seen on many European stages, but also in Kortrijk. We organize two festivals a year for this purpose:

  • NEXT festival(November-December): An international dance, theater and performance festival, featuring occasional work by domestic and foreign renowned and young artists. And that in some 20 locations in and around Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai-Valenciennes. More info via
  • Almost Summer (June): A summer festival with dance, performance and theater performances, as well as small concerts, special films, an expo and maybe a party…


BUDA uses its know-how and infrastructure to support various creations in the performing arts. We host an average of about 70 residencies per year. Residents stay overnight in one of our two residency houses in Kortrijk and work in the studios in Budatoren or in a performance space in Budascoop. The standard answer to questions of artists we selected in this reciprocal relationship is “yes. BUDA’s YES team loves to help make ambitions and dreams a reality at the direction and pace of the artists.

Learning Together

Learning Together is a pedagogical platform implemented in BUDA, it’s a collective space for critical reflection, forging links both within and outside the artistic community. The aim is to equip each other, to inform each other’s practices, to cross-fertilise the production of sensitive and theoretical knowledge. Read more about it here.

Arts Center BUDA is a home for film, performing arts and much more, a place where artists work and share their work with diverse audiences.

BUDA welcomes diverse voices, backgrounds and views and opposes any form of discrimination.

Art is a place for encounter, discussion, transformation and creates space to remember the future of, with, and for each other.

BUDA does not hold the truth, but it does have the fire to experiment, search, discover, recalibrate and enrich.

We hope you find your path at BUDA, but if not: help us map it out together.

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