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Pierre Anganda (BE)


Pierre Anganda

It is said that being yourself is a freedom. How can we enjoy it when the weight of our perception of the world rests on our shoulders? In BUDA, Pierre examines his trials, his weapons on his way to rebirth.

Pierre Anganda (BE)

“I love creation. The doubt. The time to try things out. To propose a new dance, thanks to this young dance style that is krump. And, why not, in new spaces.” Pierre Anganda is a Liège dancer and choreographer, trained at the Gare-Palais of Liège. Since 2015, he has dedicated himself to his career as a dancer and participated in numerous productions, such as HipOrgue (Opéra Royal de Wallonie), Les Indes Galantes (Bintou Dembele), Religion? Kitend! (Jenny Onya), Face 1 and Face 2 (Le Cube). He is currently working on his new solo creation, Choice, under the watchful eye of artist-choreographer Christel Depierraz.

In residence

04 Apr 2022 – 09 Apr 2022

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