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La Tierce (FR)

Construire un feu

At BUDA, La Tierce will continue the creation of the choreographic piece Construire un feu, which will premiere in early 2023. The piece brings together La Tierce’s three choreographers-dancers – Sonia Garcia, Charles Pietri and Séverine Lefèvre – with choreographers and performers Teresa Silva and Philipp Enders. It is an imaginevd investigation of situations that produced the first dance movements. They invite us to imagine the emergence of the poetics of the gesture.

La Tierce (FR)

Founded in Bordeaux in 2014, the La Tierce company is made up of dancers and choreographers Sonia Garcia, Séverine Lefèvre and Charles Pietri. They share a common vision of the stage, which they want to transform into a space where each element – music, body, space and light – releases not its power, but its fictional possibilities. Thanks to a delayed time, they deploy an open presence, such as empathy with their immediate surroundings.

In residence

21 Feb 2022 – 27 Feb 2022

On tour

February 2023
Centre Chorégraphique National de La Rochelle- Mille Plateaux (France)

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