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Mooni Van Tichel (BE)

Deep Nyx

Deep Nyx is a concert-style solo that explores different relationships to the body and uses instruments to expand the body’s capabilities and unbalance it, in a constant state of wild movement. How does the energetic rockstar body turn into a big drumstick, or pure meat? How does it create both a sensual and a dangerous, violent relationship to itself?

Mooni Van Tichel (BE)

Mooni Van Tichel is a dancer, performer and maker based in Brussels. In creating her own work, Mooni currently departs from feminist theory, science fiction aesthetics and narratives, and self-produced music. Through restrictive tasks or frameworks, she tries to develop very specific logics and dance materials. High intensity, the representation of violence, as well as the representation of her female body, are currently central to her work.

In residence

01 May 2023 – 07 May 2023

On tour

20 Jun 2023 – 20 Jun 2023
Le Gymnase Roubaix

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