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Werkplek in Kortrijk

Vilma Pitrinaite (LT/BE)

It’s not your dream


The performance It’s not your dream investigates on the figure of a rebel, borrowing with humour from the codes of rap and appropriating the energy of protest movements.

Vilma Pitrinaite (LT/BE)

Vilma Pitrinaite is a choreographer and dancer. She started her career in Aura dance company in Lithuania, then studied choreography in France, at CDC de Toulouse and Ex.e.r.ce, CCN de Montpellier as well as theatre directing in the School of National Theatre of Strasbourg.
Spotted at the Aerowaves festival, she creates pieces that testify her audacity, fantasy as well as an innate sense of diversion and shift, while holding on to a research-based and transdisciplinary approach.

In residence

03 Oct 2022 – 09 Oct 2022

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