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Davide Tidoni

Listening as Intervention

Since 2009 Davide has been creating listening exercises in the form of text scores. The aim of the exercises is to explore the capacity of the listener to interact with sound, space, and movement and to use their body as a tool to modulate the propagation of sound in space.

During the residency at BUDA, Davide will focus on editing the text scores and producing graphic material for the publication of the exercises. The publication will allow the exercises to acquire a status that goes beyond the experiential domain, positioning them at the intersection of documentation, verbal notation and artist’s book.

Davide Tidoni

Davide is an artist working from the boundaries of physical, perceptual, and affective dimensions of sound. His work addresses questions regarding interactions with acoustic space, interdependence, and impermanence. Davide is also interested in the use of sound and music in counter-culture and political struggle and has published a sound-based field research on the Italian ultras group Brescia 1911 (The Sound of Normalisation, 2018).

In residence

09 Jan 2023 – 29 Jan 2023

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