Cinema, Podium en
Werkplek in Kortrijk

Sara Manente (IT/BE)



“In BUDA we ferment, inoculate and fabricate material that has been growing in the process called MOLDING. We work with organic and inorganic bodies looking for a dramaturgy of temperatures. Both a farm and a rehearsal space, the studio will be the stage for the creation and the performance of MOLD in June later this year.”

Sara Manente (IT/BE)

Sara Manente works as a choreographer, dancer and researcher in Brussels. Her projects are developed through performative publishing and get materialized in choreographic pieces, films, texts, events, workshops.

In residence

17 Jan 2022 – 05 Feb 2022

On tour

10 Jun 2022 – 10 Jun 2022
Almost Summer festival, kunstencentrum BUDA

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