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Werkplek in Kortrijk

Sara Manente (IT/BE)



“In BUDA we ferment, inoculate and fabricate material that has been growing in the process called MOLDING. We work with organic and inorganic bodies looking for a dramaturgy of temperatures. Both a farm and a rehearsal space, the studio will be the stage for the creation and the performance of MOLD in June later this year.”

Sara Manente (IT/BE)

Sara Manente studied dance and semiotics before moving to Brussels, where she works as an artist and researcher. Drawing on the imagery and matter of living cultures and mycelium brought into relation with live arts, her projects reflect on the possibility of cross-pollination between pedagogy, research, performance and publication. The result can take different forms: from an installation or performance to a magazine.

In residence

17 Jan 2022 – 05 Feb 2022

On tour

10 Jun 2022 – 10 Jun 2022
Almost Summer festival, kunstencentrum BUDA

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