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Werkplek in Kortrijk

Layal Berberi and Mayssan Charefeddine (LB)

Moving Spaces

Layal Berberi

“During our stay at BUDA we are developing the research for a performance related to liberty of movement and the effect we have on spaces and the effect spaces have on us. What is our role as artists activists in reclaiming inner and outer spaces? And how can our bodies and voices communicate that through our somatic states?”

Layal Berberi and Mayssan Charefeddine (LB)

Layal Berberi and Mayssan Charefeddine are multidisciplinary artists, with a focus on the body. They both are interested in lost or un-heard narratives. Their research is to map ancestral movements to awaken the memory that is stored in unchartered territories and somatic landscapes.

In residence

31 Aug 2022 – 11 Sep 2022

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