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Nada Gambier (FI/BE)

Nada Gambier (FI/BE): Monstrous Encounters of Clowns

Tijdens drie residenties bij BUDA eerder dit jaar zette zij de laatste fase in van haar twee jaar durende project Monstrous Encounters of Clowns – An Attempt to Swallow the World. Vijf performers en een muzikant creëren iets een installatie als een event (met vaste duur en live interventies) op de grens van brutaal en grappig…

Nada Gambier (FI/BE)

Nada Gambier is an eclectic artist whose work relates to theatre, dance, performance and visual arts. Her repertoire consists of installations, stage works and works made for various public and private spaces, video works and most recently the publication of a book. Since 2014, Nada has focused on long-term projects in which the separation between research, creative process and public event can be confused and/or loosened.

Over the years, she has worked in BUDA on numerous occasions. Most recently, she presented The Voice of a City at Next festival in 2019. Besides creating her own work, Nada also regularly works on projects by other artists as a performer and artistic advisor. She has worked with Kate MacIntosh, Edit Kaldor, Forced Entertainment, Simone Aughterlony, Jorge Léon, Maria Jerez, Diederik Peeters, Charlotte Vanden Eynde and Phil Hayes, among others. In 2015, Nada founded Nada & Co. asbl, which today produces the majority of its activities. Nada lives in Brussels.

In residence

25 Sep 2016 – 06 Oct 2016

On tour

06 Oct 2016 – 06 Oct 2016

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