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Massinda Zinga

Our bodies telling the story

Massinda Zinga

During this residency, Massinda will explore the body as the cradle of a story, of an identity, and begin writing a project that will tell these stories.

Massinda Zinga

Massinda Zinga is an artivist in the field of Afro-Caribbean dances and cultures. Artivist because, through artistic practice, she wants the audience and/or the participants to reflect on the impact of past history on our dance practices and on our relationship with the people of these cultures. More specifically, she works in Dancehall, a dance that is a catalyst for the discontent, the rebellion of the Jamaican people, and Kuduro, born out of the Angolan civil war that ended in 2002, the latter expressing the indigenous discontent after so many years of occupation and war. Her areas of work are the research of African heritage in Afro-Caribbean cultures, the Afro-Centricity of dance practice.

In residence

11 Apr 2022 – 15 Apr 2022

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