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Zoë Demoustier (BE)

Unfolding an Archive

Zoë Demoustier

Unfolding an Archive is a solo performance that premiered in October 2021 at STUK Leuven and subsequently played at NEXT festival. We are using this residency to technically revisit a few scenes with a view to touring for season 22-23. We will also film elements of the performance for an installation that will be shown as part of International Women’s Day in Leuven. And we will have a run with feedback to let the performance grow.”

Zoë Demoustier (BE)

Zoë Demoustier (1995) is a performer and choreographer. The body is always the starting point of her visual performances. From movement, she makes links with current and engaged topics and creates documentary choreographic work. Zoë made the performances nesten(fABULEUS/Anna Bentivegna & Ayrton Fraenk), Road to Nowhere (Forsiti’A/Yelena Schmitz), Born to be wild(Thespikon) and worked as performer and assistant with a.o. Kabinet K, Michiel Vandevelde, Alma Söderberg/Manyone, Iris Bouche/Opera Ballet Vlaanderen, David Weber Krebs and Marcelo Evelin. For Unfolding an Archive she works closely with musician and sound designer Willem Lenaerts.

In residence

07 Mar 2022 – 13 Mar 2022

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