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Werkplek in Kortrijk

Marlene Monteiro Freitas / P.OR.K

Mal – Embriaguez Divina

Duration: 1h30
Location: Schouwburg Kortrijk

Marlene Monteiro Freitas

To explore the various shapes of evil, a group drowning in a sea of paper transforms into a choir on a tribune. The title of Marlene Freitas’ performance makes multiple references to the ambivalence of evil. “Mal” might mean unease, discomfort, pain, suffering, agony, sorrow, torment, lack, horror and also evil. Meanwhile Embriaguez Divina marks evil as a state of divine delusion, of dionysian ecstasy. Evil takes multiple shapes. It appears as a determining force in a large number of stories, and the theatre has long been the site where it is revealed and displayed. For some, the experience of the abyss of evil is a prerequisite for art.

George Bataille places evil and art in close proximity to each other as two forces opposing the lawful world of rational calculation. He sees children as being committed to evil by revolting against an adult world of inhibiting conventions. Divine exaltation as a transformative insurrection of Evil against Good, as an invitation to break with order, to escape normalizations and to deviate from the script. Prepare for an intense trip.

This performance takes place in Schouwburg Kortrijk, as part of NEXT TIME.

Despite the cancellation of NEXT festival 2020, we continue to support the planned artists and creations. The five co-organising partners therefore created the ‘NEXT TIME’ label, under which performances are programmed that should have taken place during NEXT 2020.

The Cape Verde dancer and choreographer Marlene Monteiro Freitas studied at P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels, among other places. Her stunning productions have not yet been seen so often in Flanders. So come to Schouwburg Kortrijk and enjoy the dynamic, energetic and intriguing dance language.

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  • Marlene Monteiro Freitas
  • Marlene Monteiro Freitas

Choreografie: Marlene Monteiro Freitas. Assistentie: Lander Patrick. Met: Andreas Merk, Betty Tchomanga, Hsin-Yi Hsiang, Jelena Kuljic, Majd Feddah, Mariana Tembe, Miguel Filipe, Samouil Stoyanov & Walter Hess. Licht & decor: Yannick Fouassier. Ondersteuning creatie decor: Miguel Figueira. Stage manager: André Calado. Onderzoek: Marlene Monteiro Freitas, João Francisco Figueira. Dramaturgie: Martin Valdés-Stauber. Productie: P.OR.K (Lisbon, PT). Distributie: Key Performance (Stockholm, SE). Coproductie: Biennale de la danse de Lyon 2020 and Pôle européen de création – Ministère de la Culture/Maison de la Danse en soutien à la Biennale de la danse de Lyon 2020 (Lyon, FR), Culturgest (Lisbon, PT), HAU Hebbel am Ufer (Berlin, DE), Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Brussels, BE) , Künstlerhaus Mousonturm (Frankfurt, DE), NEXT festival (Eurometropolis Lille, Kortrijk, Tournai & Valenciennes), Ruhrtriennale (Bochum, DE), TANDEM Scène nationale (Douai – Arras, FR), Teatro Municipal do Porto (Porto, PT), Theater Freiburg (Freiburg, DE) , Wiener Festwochen (Vienna, AT). Met ondersteuning van: Dançando com a diferença (Funchal, PT), Fabbrica Europa|PARC- Performing Arts Research Center (Florence, IT), La Gare – Fabrique des arts en mouvement (Le Relecq-Kerhuon), Polo Cultural Gaivotas | Boavista (Lisbon, PT), Reykjavík Dance Festival (Reykjavík, IC). P.OR.K Associação Cultural is funded by Governo de Portugal – Ministério da Cultura / Direção-Geral das Artes.

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