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Werkplek in Kortrijk

Ferenc Balcaen/ Transparant


TH 19 September | 20:15
in cooperation with Schouwburg Kortrijk


Scapegoat is a dark dance of despair in the inferno of Dante’s Divine Comedy. In a world where intentions and actions are flourescent, the performers indulge in movements that take them far beyond the limits of the human.

In a desolate, dark inferno based on Dante’s Divine Comedy, faceless individuals wander around. In this world, it is not always clear with what intention an action departs from one to another. In a game of perception and interpretation, the audience is swallowed up in the barren land of creatures performing a dance of despair beyond that which makes them human.

Scapegoat is a theatre performance by Kortrijk-based playwright Ferenc Balcaen, in which he explores the changing boundary between pain, love and eroticism. He uses the performers’ vocal identity in an idiosyncratic way, inspired by a wide aural range: from Gregorian chants to contemporary vocal techniques. In a soundscape based on Liszt’s Dante Sonata/Fantasia Quasi Sonata, Scapegoat encourages the audience to think more deeply about the relationship between image, sound and intention.

Theatre maker Ferenc Balcaen graduated from the Drama-Regie course at the Ritcs in Brussels in 2022. In 2021, he participated in the festival Platform In De Maak in Leuven and the festival Par Hasard-Groot Gegijnhof Editie in Ghent. In 2021, together with Alia Rifai and Juan Cruzz Cizmar, he made the performance Pheasant (images, physical) in which he explored the theme of gender. In 2022, he graduated with the performance Tristis inspired by The Garden of Delights by Hieronymus Bosch. In 2023, he was directing assistant to Aïda Gabriëls for the opera Cambio composed by Frank Nuyts that premiered during the Ghent Festival at Muziekcentrum De Bijloke. In 2024, he participates in the performance Joy Boy, a tribute to Jules Eastman, a collaboration between Collectif fair-part and S.E.M Ensemble that premieres at DE SINGEL on 19 January 2024. In April 2024, he premiered his performance SCAPEGOAT at DE SINGEL during the CARTA festival.

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Concept & creation: Ferenc Balcaen | From & with: Pepijn Vandelanotte, Marie-Christine Verheyen, Ellen Sterckx & Ferre Vuye | Dramaturgy: Mesut Arslan | Scenography: Lars Uten | Sound design: Rint Mennes | Lighting design: Max Adams | Costumes: Louis Verlinde | Movement coach: Georgina Teunissen | Musical dramaturgy | Voice coach: Pieter De Praetere | Production: Ferenc Balcaen & Muziektheater Transparant | Coproduction: Platform 0090, DE SINGEL, C-Takt, Playground (STUK & M, Leuven) & PerPodium | With the support of BUDA, Needcompany, De Maan & Tax Shelter from the Belgian Federal Government through the Flemish Government.


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