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Arts Centre BUDA uses its YES team, know-how and infrastructure to support creations in the performing arts. We host an average of about 70 residencies a year – from full technical residencies in the theatres at Budascoop to studio work or research residencies in Budatoren.

The basic conditions BUDA provides to all residencies are: the use of the studio, accommodation for the team and lunches during week days.

Toolbox for residencies

Applications for residencies can be done via
Applications may be submitted in Dutch, French or English.

If possible answer following questions in your application:

  • A short description of the project – few lines to max one page will do fine.
  • Brief information about your artistic practice and previous projects, video links are welcome (max 1 page)
  • How can BUDA support your project?
  • What is your ideal timing? Preferably also give a number of alternative periods.
  • What kind of space you are looking for?
  • How many people are involved and for how many people do you need accommodation?

Applications will be treated approximately one year ahead, and in general we book in following four rounds:

deadline 15 February 2024 – for residencies from March 2025 until May 2025
deadline 15 May 2024 – for residencies from June 2025 until August 2025
deadline 15 August 2024 – for residencies from September 2025 until November 2025 deadline 1 December 2024 – for residencies from December 2025 until February 2026

Last minute requests for studio-space – up to three to four weeks in advance – are sometimes possible and will be tried and fitted in whenever possible. Please contact Please include the following info in the application:

  • The dates for which you are looking for studio space
  • What kind of studio you are looking for
  • How many employees are in the project and whether studio space without lodging is an option.

The artistic directors of BUDA invite an external jury member for each selection round. (Barbara Coffy, Krystel Khoury, Julia Reist, Luanda Casella…). In our residency programme, we watch over the diversity of artists and performing arts. Due to a high volume of applications, BUDA cannot provide individual feedback explaining the reason an application was not selected.

BUDA’s toolbox for residents (rooms and studios, technical support, …) can be found here.

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