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Intro Almost Summer festival

Almost Summer

Dance – film – performance – installation – sound walk – party – summer garden

Almost Summer celebrates the transition to a new season. Artistic proposals in various forms and media, emerging from singular sensibilities, intermingle and echo each other. We turn the spotlight on language: a mother tongue to be relearned (Muna Mussie) , one that betrays your identity and that you have to reform in order to escape the enemy (Effi & Amir) , one that invites you to dance (Calixto Neto) or to walk (Paula Diogo) . From the mouthing of new sounds to find a poetic breath (Liza Baliasnaja), to unresolved dialogues between two distinct beings (Carole Perdereau) it is silent, sometimes, to open up to other forms of communication, an assembly of organic and non-organic bodies (Sara Manente), and to learn how to care (Jija Sohn and Aleksandra Lemm). The language talks about relations between life and death in different ways: from fierce discussions that bring together surrealist and punk theatre (Inga Huld Hàkonardòttir) to speculative narration trying to reinvent the future (Fabrizio Terranova & Xavier Garcia-Bardon).

If the Almost Summer festival is an event, it carries within it a temporality that transcends it, a long time of research and formal elaborations by the artists beforehand, a time unknown of intimate and collective effects that the proposed artistic experiences will have on the spectators’ bodies. Almost Summer is also the result of collaborations with artists supported by European networks of which BUDA is a member: APAP Feminist Futures and Be SpectACTive!, which invites a group of spectators to choose and programme projects by artists in residence at BUDA in the course of the year (Castélie Yalombo) .

Almost Summer is the result of an ecosystem that was built gradually, in the adversity caused by the pandemic, yet still managed to nurture multiple collaborations, with artists but also with partners. The Budatower will host a programme devised bij Wit.h, which has been forging collaborations between artists with or without physical and mental disabilities for twenty years. They will organise numerous events: choreographies of art objects, residencies and happenings (The Crip School).

During this festival we will also welcome the group of researchers and artists Emptor, which aims to raise the question of the legal ownership of the work of art and will publicly present its reflections – a powerful question when it comes to Outsider Art.

The festival becomes a crossroad of encounters of languages, aesthetic experiences and festive moments: a sound walk, a poetic and culinary performance in the garden, dance and theater in black boxes, mapped discussions and installations, film…

Mathilde Villeneuve, artistic director arts centre BUDA

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