Cinema, Podium and
Workspace in Kortrijk

Julia Krause-Harder

Julia Krause-Harder is one of the permanent artists at Atelier Goldstein. Since 2005, she has been working with due obsession on a collection of objects with the aim of imitating all the dinosaurs that could ever exist in various forms. She bases herself exclusively on found materials such as ring binders, neckties or cable ties, which leads to very unexpected and humorous feedback on our present in the thoroughly realistic representation of Kentrosaurus, Pterosaurus & Co. Atelier Goldstein in Frankfurt, to which Julia Krause-Harder belongs, is an independent artist’s studio. Since 2001, 15 artists with physical or mental disabilities have been working in the fields of painting, sculpture, graphics, photography and video. They receive individual support in the creation of their work and are placed in museums, galleries and exhibition spaces in Germany and abroad.

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