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Maria Patsyuk (RU)

Maria Patsyuk

“Since the Russia’s full-scale military invasion of Ukraine began on 24th of February, we have focused on the language of war embedded in everyday discourse. How war grows out of the social and changes it.
For example how we use militaristic metaphors in communication, in love relationships. How ideas of war, domination, and conflict appear in everyday life. We are also constantly looking for the tools with which people divided by different experiences and opinions related to the current war can communicate.
And we do it through our work, being divided ourselves, living in different places with an urge to keep looking for different ways of working together from a distance. Our research method is based on the magic of communication, deep talking and improvisation and includes walks, instructions, collecting observations, texts and experiences as well as interventions into the real.”

Maria Patsyuk (RU)

Maria Patsyuk is an artist from Russia who left the country due to her disagreement with the ongoing war. Keywords for her artistic practice are holding complex interrelations, breaking away from ideologies and manifests, sprouting through in-betweens, fluid contract, distance and boundaries.

Along with her colleague Fedor Kokorev, who is also a Russian artist, now living in Kyrgyzstan, Maria is working from a distance on an artistic research on topic of Everyday war.


In residence

17 Jul 2022 – 15 Oct 2022

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