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We Stood Like Kings (BE)

Away: post-rock vs. animation film

we stood like kings

At BUDA, We Stood Like Kings will continue the creation of their 5th album, a new live soundtrack for the silent animation movie Away (2019) by the young Latvian filmmaker Gints Zilbalodis. The aim of this 4-day residency is to finish a rough version of the 75 minutes of music. This work includes composing, arranging, rehearsing and synchronising the music to the movie. The album will then be recorded in summer 2022 and performed live across Europe starting from October 2022.

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We Stood Like Kings (BE)

Since 2011, piano-based neoclassical post-rock quartet We Stood Like Kings from Brussels played 250 shows in 20 European countries while releasing 4 albums on the German high-standard label Kapitän Platte. From live soundtracks for silent cult movies to new arrangements of classical music works, every project is yet another opportunity for We Stood Like Kings to design new ways of blending their refined, textural, epic and intense music with other art forms. We Stood Like Kings are: Judith Hoorens (piano), Diego Di Vito (guitar), Colin Delloye (bass) and Lucas Vanderputten (drums).

In residence

08 Mar 2022 – 11 Mar 2022

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