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Benjamin Kahn (FR/BE)

Bless The Sound That Saved a Witch Like me.

“In BUDA, we will work on continuing the composition of the piece, releasing the existing part, elaborating on the music composition and text, and meeting our collaborators and external eyes.

‘’I want to share a scream with you. I want to share a sound without fences. I want to share this loudness and the silence that comes with it. And I don’t know what story it could tell or what evidence it could prove, but a silence of an open landscape loud and clear. ‘’
“Bless the sound that saved a Witch like Me” is the second part of a trilogy, initiated by the “Sorry, but I Feel Slightly Disidentified…” solo for Cherish Menzo. A Solo made for and with the dancer and performer Sati Veyrunes. Bless,… is a piece that attempts to articulate a performance space in a more radical and immediate relationship with the public. A more intuitive and cathartic experience tied to urgency and tries to express a space of the scream, screams, and silence. BLESS… is a performance that fits into the context of the geopolitical, ideological, and ecological crisis that we are going through. This performance is driven by a desire for life that voluntarily dissociates itself from the perspective of a “possible future” to confront itself with an (im)possible and inevitable present.
Benjamin Kahn (FR/BE)

Benjamin Kahn is danser en choreograaf. Hij studeerde dramaturgie en theater aan de Universiteit van Aix en Provence en aan het Conservatorium van Rennes, en is afgestudeerd aan de ESAC (Ecole Supérieure des Arts du Cirque) in Brussel. Na zijn studies werkte hij met choreografen als Philippe Saire, Benjamin Vandewalles, Nicole Beutler, Ben Riepe, Frédéric Flamand, Maud Le Pladec, Egle Budvytyte, en Alessandro Sciaronni.
Hij beschouwt dans en choreografie als krachtige politieke instrumenten en is vooral geïnteresseerd in de constructie en deconstructie van de manier waarop we naar individuele en collectieve lichamen kijken. 

In residence

19 Dec 2022 – 23 Dec 2022

On tour

March 23 – February 24
Premiere at KLAP Marseille, Festival des Genre | Palais Tokyo, Paris | Centre Natinal chorégraphique d’Uzes | Festival de Marseille | les Halles de Schaerbeek Bruxelles

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