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Anne Naukkarinen (FI) & Tiago Martins Pinto (PT/Fi)

Carried by Invisible Bodies

Carried by Invisible Bodies

Carried by Invisible Bodies is a performance about echoing bodies, materials and spaces. It is also a performance about a multiplicity of temporalities. The work process focuses on questions about the invisible connections between human and non-human materials, and what kind of world can we imagine by intersecting historically advanced materials and ways of making art? The starting points for the performance are a sculpture made by sculptor Niina Tervo, a poem by artist-writer Maarit Mustonen, a song played by harpist Natalia Castrillón and movement by dancer-performer Anne Naukkarinen.

During the residency, Anne will rehearse and focus on creating a choreography for Carried by Invisible Bodies. Time in the residency is shared with art-based researcher Tiago Martins Pinto. The work is supported by Ehkä Production (Turku), The Arts Promotion Centre Finland and the City of Helsinki. In cooperation with the art association i dolci.

Anne Naukkarinen (FI) & Tiago Martins Pinto (PT/Fi)

Anne Naukkarinen is a Helsinki based choreographer, dancer-performer and visual artist. In her artistic work, the body is approached as a sensorial, experiencing, and complex material that affects and is affected by other bodies, materials, situations, and environments. Naukkarinen’s scope of work ranges from choreographed performances to art publications and installations.

Tiago Martins Pinto is an art-based researcher, a DYI person, and a human being. He is currently a doctoral student at Aalto University (Finland) where he teaches creative coding and conducts research on belonging and identity in migrant communities. His artistic research work has been exhibited in Europe and North America.

In residence

04 Apr 2022 – 10 Apr 2022

On tour

26 May 2022 – 29 May 2022
Titanik Gallery Turku

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