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Elena Carvajal (ES)

Dear future

Elena Carvajal

With this residency at BUDA, Elena Carvajal wants to continue exploring and shaping what she calls her dear future.

It is an exercise in escape and disengagement from the scene by becoming part of it, finding new ways to resolve, and becoming another. To question this otherness we have been cultivating for so long, she joins a band of aliens who return to their village and become trapped in an escape room.

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Elena Carvajal (ES)

Elena Carvajal is a dancer and choreographer born in Mérida. She sometimes works and lives in Brussels, sometimes in Spain. Her work moves on the border between choreography and visual art, dedicated to dialogue within the writing of space and the language of movement.

In residence

24 Apr 2022 – 30 Apr 2022

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