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Miet Warlop


Miet Warlop

Ahead of the premiere of her new show Delirium at Kunstenfestivaldesarts in spring 2025, Miet Warlop is planning several residency periods to shape this new creation. These residency periods will be fully utilised: experimenting with technology, further developping the music and lighting design and rehearsing with the cast.

Miet Warlop

In her artistic practice, Miet Warlop works around the tension between static images and performance. Central to her work are figurative objects, time and the (in)ability to communicate with each other. Miet is a familiar face at BUDA, which supported her from the start with residencies and co-productions. Since 2009, she has worked regularly in BUDA studios on her creations: Springville, Amusement Park, Mystery Magnet, Fruits of Labor, Big Bears Cry Too, … In these, the disciplines happily trip over each other: visual art, music, theater, dance … Many of her performances are simultaneously a live concert. Musicians become authors, and actors become musicians. Warlop’s award-winning performance One Song has been touring the world since 2022.

In residence

02 Apr 2024 – 20 Apr 2024

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