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Jen Rosenblit (US/DE)

ElseWhere Rhapsody

Jen Rosenblit

Desire is like a cluster of failed promises. ElseWhere Rhapsody focuses on antiquity and value, on ruin and resurrection. With these notions, Jen negotiates the future. Shall we continue, or just quit?

The final result of the residency will be shown at the Almost Summer 2024 festival.

Jen Rosenblit (US/DE)

Jen Rosenblit (1983. USA) worked for years from New York City and now works from Berlin on performances that bring together architecture, body, text and ideas to talk about problems that arise within agendas for togetherness. Rosenblit is a 2018 Guggenheim Fellow, received the New York Dance and Performance “Bessie” Award in 2014 and has collaborated with artists such as Simone Aughterlony, Miguel Gutierrez, A.K.Burns and Philipp Gehmacher.

In residence

11 Dec 2023 – 22 Dec 2023
  • Jen Rosenblit
  • Jen Rosenblit

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