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Mario Barrantes Espinoza (CR/NI)

Flesh can’t can’ t not’t ‘tis flesh h…

Mario Barrantes

Beats, grooves, voice, body parts, flesh… What’s that place where choreography, science-fiction, and the music genre reggaeton encounter each other? During this residency Mario Barrantes Espinoza together with performer Luis Javier Zúñiga and music composer Luis Ramirez Muñoz dive in into the sweaty sound-movement worlds of the genre to find out.

Mario Barrantes Espinoza (CR/NI)

Mario Barrantes Espinoza is a Costa Rican-Nicaraguan artist based in Brussels. He trained in theatre and dance at the National University of Costa Rica. In 2016, he graduated from the training cycle at P.A.R.T.S. Two years later, he completed the Research Studios programme under the direction of Bojana Cvejić and Alain Franco.

His work is based on performance, the (re)writing of texts and the use of voice. For this, he borrows elements from pop culture and mainstream media.

In residence

29 Jan 2024 – 09 Feb 2024

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