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Sophia Rodriguez (VE/BE)



During 2 weeks, a group of 6 performers (Helena Araujo (BR/BE), Horacio Macuacua (MZ), Robert Sjtein (NL), Simon Van Schuylenbergh (BE), Vincent Focquet (BE) & Sofie Durnez (BE) ) will investigate different ways of creating physical and verbal friction. Sophia is very interested in the opposite idea that physical friction is related to pleasure, closeness and intimacy and verbal friction is related to conflict and distance. Somehow, human development needs both and is interested in this contradictory complement of human relationships. Inspired by the erotic act of making love, in which physical friction can bring us into an orgasmic state, we want to explore the rhythmic stimulation of the body and different ways of achieving orgasmic physical friction. In this context, she wonders how verbal friction can arise and co-exist in this physical context of proximity and pleasure. Does it also bring pleasure, the distance and the conflict? Does it complement it? Does it create balance? Is conflict a necessity for evolution?

Sophia Rodriguez (VE/BE)

Sophia Rodríguez is a Venezuelan actress, dancer, choreographer and circus artist. Since 2010, She has been collaborating with many artist as Micha Goldberg, Ivo Dimchev, David Zambrano, Ayelen Parolin, Koen Augustijnen, Simon Van Schuylenbergh, Lisi Estaras and Benjamin Abel Meirhagher, and she has created several solo projects ass well. Her last creation Ostentation Project, premiered at Bâtard Festival and was part of Impulstanz program 2021.


In residence

19 Apr 2022 – 30 Apr 2022

On tour

26 Nov 2023 – 27 Nov 2023
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