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Stephanie Kayal & Abed Kobeissy

Galactic Crush

The events in this performance take place in a parallel universe, where an anti-heroine dancer and her musician, in retaliation for decades of evil and corruption, form a powerful, underfunded and loosely organised couple fighting crime to bring justice!

With good intentions and no experience whatsoever; they are a so-so summary of the contemporary reality in Beirut. This creation is an almost-selfish, sort-of-childish attempt to feed an uncontrollable craving for vengeance. It gazes at the act of dancing as a martial-art resistance against physical, psychological, & human-rights violations, against the violent loss of intimacy, and the scorching thirst for justice.

Première at NEXT festival in Budascoop at Sat. 26 November. Info & tickets.

Stephanie Kayal & Abed Kobeissy

Stephanie Kayal is a performance artist, choreographer and dancer. She lives and works in Beirut. In recent years, she has been seen as a performer in shows by different artists and companies. She has performed in Beirut, Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Chile, Tunisia, Egypt and Jordan. NEXT presents the premiere of Galactic Crush, her second creation, slightly related to her first show, Evidence of Things Not Seen (2021), about a family haunted by the dances of their past.

Abed Kobeissy is an electro-acoustic musician based in Beirut. Having taken the Levantine buzuq as his main instrument, his music holds a local identity, without claiming any traditional or ethnic role. His music relies on the local urban soundscape, often tackling subjects related to family and home.

In residence

31 Oct 2022 – 25 Nov 2022
Budascoop & Budatoren

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