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Werkplek in Kortrijk

Nixie (BE)

HIV made me fall in love and Big Pharma made me break up


“During this residency, I will begin to puzzle together the material I have collected over the past few months into a performance. Decor, music, and movement will be further developed until, at the end of my residency, I have a clear outline of what the final result will be.”

Nixie (BE)

Nixie seeks access to parallel universes, revolutionary parties, socially unwanted fun, celebrating loss and mourning gain. This project focuses on non-linear ways to connect to the past and present of the HIV crisis, to enrich the narrative of the white cis gay man with other perspectives, to embody the genealogy of this virus and to ask questions about what it means to have a medicalised body under big pharma. This brought as a concert with love songs, heartbreak songs and protest anthems.

In residence

11 Apr 2022 – 24 Apr 2022

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